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Public Radio & TV Marketing: Where Trust & Action Converge

In the saturated world of marketing, two elements are indispensable: Trust, and Driving Action.

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Audio Ads Defy Ad Fatigue and Increase Purchase Intent

We've all experienced ad fatigue when being repeatedly bombarded with the same TV commercial or digital video ad. At first, it grabs your attention, but after multiple views, you're just tuning it out completely.

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5 Reasons Advertisers Love Public Radio

It isn't a typical marketing medium. Public radio sponsorship comes with a host of benefits its competitors don't have. Combine those advantages with the perks below and you have a recipe for sweet success.

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AM/FM Radio's Audience is 3X Larger than Advertisers Think

Pop quiz! Which gets a larger audience share — AM / FM radio or streaming services like Spotify? Many marketers and advertisers presume that Spotify and Pandora have overtaken AM / FM radio in popularity. How far from perception is the reality? Westwood One Audio Active Group provides answers in their analysis of […]

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Using Public Radio and Digital Marketing for Campaign Success

Public radio has a unique way of connecting brands with a large and loyal customer base—NPR reaches as many as 26.1 million weekly listeners alone. But marketers also need to build and maintain strong relationships with the 64% of consumers that say they want brands to connect with them digitally. If you're […]

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Drive Brand Purpose and Marketing ROI with Public Media Sponsorship

CEOs and media planners both want their companies to be successful, although they have very different methods for achieving their company goals. Sales leads must navigate the disconnect between what CEOs say in the press about the importance of giving back to their communities and what their media planners are […]

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Building an ROI-driven Public Media Campaign

A successful marketing campaign is powered by a well-crafted, carefully considered strategy. But what does that mean? How do you choose the right audience and platform for your marketing message? To achieve the highest ROI public media campaign, you need to take a creative, data-driven approach.

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How to Use Custom Content and Native Ads to Engage Podcast Audiences

While podcast listenership continued to grow in 2021, interest in the platform as an advertising vehicle was even more intense, with sponsorship demand frequently outpacing supply. In fact, podcast ad spending grew 87% during the third quarter compared to a year ago.

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How Public Media Drives ROI

Marketers everywhere share a common goal: increasing the ROI of their campaigns. Understanding whether your strategy is worth the spend is key to running a successful campaign that returns the most profit from your investment. One way to put your campaign on the right track is by choosing a highly profitable […]

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Getting Results: Using the Right Formula for Sponsorship Success

The role of marketing is to increase the likelihood that consumers will choose your brand by making it easy for them to remember you and do business with you. For a large number of marketers, radio is a vital component in their outreach strategy due to its mass reach across customer segments. But how do you […]

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