Employee Spotlight: Emily Lopez, Sponsor Success Manager

It’s important for a creative to continue that artistic flow, no matter where their career trajectory may take them. Emily Lopez has always had an artist’s soul. Her journey of exploration has taken her many miles through numerous mediums.

Emily is from Maryland and comes from a tight-knit family. She loves where she lives and being surrounded by that familiarity—it inspires her. Other than undergrad, she has stayed fairly close to home.

Her Australian cattle dog’s name is Blu. They have a special relationship. Despite the breed’s persona, herders with a strong need to be outdoors adventuring, Blu would prefer to be snuggled down at home with his mom.

The only time Emily hasn’t had a dog is when she was attending college. Well, until her senior year. She rescued a Lab named Cooper who lived with her in the dorm for several months before she managed to take him home to Maryland.

He now lives with his “grandparents” full time where he spends his days sleeping, chasing deer, and eating whatever his heart desires. He’s also Blu’s “bruncle” (brother/uncle) and partner in crime.

During her undergrad, Emily obtained a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee. She describes the campus as smelling of “sugar in the air.” There is a Little Debbie’s factory on the grounds and a Krispy Kreme nearby. Think traditional college atmosphere with a Willy Wonka vibe.

It was an adventure all its own, and Emily has fond memories regarding her time there. Immediately following graduation, Emily began an internship as a Promotions Assistant at MIX107.3. It's a non-commercial radio station serving the Washington D.C. area. This launched her career in radio.

Following her internship, Emily was offered a Sales Assistant position for that same station. She accepted the offer and remained at WIX107.3 for over two years. From there she accepted a position with Market Enginuity and works out of the WAMU station in DC as the Sponsor Success Manager. Emily reached her two-year anniversary in May of 2023.

She remembers a manager at the first station she worked at telling her, “You may leave radio, but you’ll always find a way back.” After several years in the business, she understands fully. Emily can’t imagine being anywhere else. She’s in love with broadcasting and enjoys every day at the station. Her favorite part of the experience is helping sponsors navigate the world of digital advertising. “It’s beyond rewarding.”

Emily keeps her creative mojo flowing. She has enjoyed drawing portraits for years and experiments with watercolor painting and embroidery as well. Her goal for 2023 is to take a painting class so that she can learn to work with oils. Emily isn’t afraid to experiment and enjoys trying her hand at different mediums.

Art isn’t her only passion. Emily also loves a good crime mystery. Whether the story is being told in a podcast or written in a best-seller, she soaks up those dramas. If you have any recommendations for her, she’s currently adding to her “to be read” list. Feel free to email her your favorite title. Meanwhile, she’s taking Blu for a walk. Otherwise, he may get rambunctious and turn cuddle time into a herding-fest!

Her best life advice is, “Be kind, always.” And according to her pups, she is.

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