Employee Spotlight: Taneisha Owens, IT Solutions Manager

Taneisha Owens in the Bahamas

Today’s blog post is a continuation of our Employee Spotlight series. This series shares employee stories, achievements, hobbies and more. It’s a great way to get to know them in and outside of work. More importantly, it’s our way of saying, “We appreciate you!”

It’s nice to see someone come full circle, especially if that person lights the way wherever they go. This is Taneisha Owens in a nutshell. From Tennessee, Taneisha was a small-town girl who embraced progress. Her story is beyond inspiring.

Like so many of us, she struggled with what she wanted to do career-wise. Doctor? Lawyer? Artist? What would best fit her personality? The search began.

Sometimes life delivers us a happy accident. Taneisha feels she happened into the IT world. She was curious and somewhat intrigued. Fully aware that strong job security surrounded the IT world, and would for generations to come, she began to explore the craft.

As it turns out, it was a great fit. Obtaining certification after certification, Taneisha developed a well-rounded skillset in IT. Her specialty, as of now, is virtualization. But because IT is consistently evolving, Taneisha knows she’ll be able to continue to grow. There is always a new skill set to learn.

Early on, Taneisha landed a position with Apple. From there, she went on to hold contract positions with Vanderbilt Hospital, Dell and more. Prestigious organizations scooped her up along the way and helped develop her craft.

Now, she is the IT Solutions Manager for Market Enginuity. Taneisha has been with us for a year and enjoys being able to use her skillset to solve issues within our infrastructure. “I love working with people who trust and value my experience and knowledge!”

We all need to be appreciated and Taneisha passes that emotion along to her two dogs Coco and Cleo. They keep her company while she works from home. She is soon to add a Frenchie to the mix, already named Cairo. But these pups aren’t her only passion.

During Covid, Taneisha began to embrace the concept of farming. Hydro-farming has proven fruitful for her and her husband. They grow much of what they eat. As he is an avid egg eater and she is an experienced baker, they are currently acquiring chickens. Soon, they will have an endless supply of eggs!

As their family continues to grow, this young couple embraces all that life has to offer. They travel often and recently returned from a getaway to New York. From family to farming, they have cultivated a fulfilling and beautiful existence.

Taneisha’s best life advice is, “The greatest lesson I’ve learned in life is to live life freely. Don’t stress over the things you can’t control. Instead, embrace the things we can.” 

We are grateful for Taneisha. Both her talents and innovative attitude have proven beyond beneficial for our team. Now if only we could talk her into baking a cake for the next office party...

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