How to Create Compelling Copy for Podcast Advertising

How to Create Compelling Copy for Podcast Advertising

As podcasting grows into a more significant part of the media landscape, sponsors are rapidly learning how to leverage the medium to generate more significant ROI. This makes sense as the platform provides a unique advantage, delivering a ready-made, targeted audience that is engaged. The ads are relevant, whether subscribers listen when they air or in the middle of the night, and they can be updated as needed for later replays. Since podcasts aren't as cluttered with ads as commercial radio or television, listeners are more aware of and open to hearing the messages.   

This is particularly applicable to host-read spots, which, when executed strategically, can not only be compelling but also entertaining. They invite listeners to stick around and listen closely as a brand is talked about in the host's own words. The audience is in the company of like-minded individuals that, while they may never meet, are nonetheless viewed as a community. This feeling of rapport is deepened because there is already a relationship of familiarity and trust between the host and the audience, making your message resonate with the listener.   

How To Create Copy for Podcast Advertising   

Consider how many people listen to podcasts with earbuds, AirPods, or headphones, putting the advertisers or sponsors directly in the ears of consumers. There is an inherent intimacy that evokes emotion more readily. However, the key to truly engaging the listener is delivering your message through compelling copy.   

This community of listeners exists because they identify with the subject matter, the host, or the guests. They develop trust and rapport with the host that extends to the brands, products, and services recommended. The most effective way to leverage this trust is by having the host deliver the ad copy in their own voice. That requires writing ad copy that the audience perceives as authentic.   

Authenticity of voice is critical to a brand. Consistency in all mediums and messages creates confidence in what they represent and what customers can expect. However, you must also consider the voice of who is delivering the message. The ad must sound natural, with language primarily driven by the hosts themselves. Conversely, scripted reads run the risk of “canned”-sounding spots that fail to resonate with the consumer.  

So, how do you make an ad read sound natural? First, acknowledge the voice and tone of the show. After all, that is what keeps the audience coming back show after show. If the podcast is relaxed, funny, irreverent, or caters to a younger audience, reading ad copy that is stiff and formal will come off as stilted and unnatural, and will ultimately result in losing the interest of the listener.     

Next, keep in mind why the listener tunes in to the particular podcast. Your sponsor message should connect with that. It allows you to tap into their emotions. When the listener feels emotionally connected with the copy, they'll want to know more about the brand.    

Creating the connection is a huge hurdle, but only part of the process. Ultimately, the sponsor's goal is to drive sales. Creating ad read that drives sales is a result of using some best practices.  

Keep It Simple  

This isn't just a trite adage, it is a sound practice. There are only a few seconds for your message to be delivered in a compelling manner. It must also be authentic to the voice of the host. Keep the ad copy simple and provide key elements for the host to use in their own words.   

State the Value Proposition  

Why should the listener buy your product or service? What problem does it solve and how will it benefit them? State your key value proposition to grab their interest.   

Tell Them What To Do Next  

Now that you have their attention, guide them to the next step. Tell the audience explicitly what to do next. Make a compelling call to action with ways to make a purchase.   

Use Compelling Podcast Ad Copy To Convert Listeners Into Customers  

If you've wondered how to create copy for podcast advertising, you aren't alone. While many recognize the advantages of leveraging podcasts for their marketing strategy, not everyone knows how to create and deliver ad copy that lives up to its full potential. However, if you keep in mind that you have only to speak to the already engaged audience in a believable, conversational way, you can achieve your goals. Podcast advertising can be a powerful marketing tool as long as you set hosts up for success to deliver an engaging and effective ad...and to have fun with it!   

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