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How Local Public Radio Stations Add Value Beyond the Region

Local radio stations have been informing and entertaining their audiences for decades. Over the years, it's been where citizens learned of local events, weather, and what products and services were available near them. Local radio provided the soundtrack of generations, whether it was swing, big band, jazz, […]

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Create a Stand-Out Law Firm Brand with Public Media Marketing

When it comes to branding and client acquisition, law firms face numerous challenges. An extremely tight market combined with a sometimes negative public perception of the profession makes it difficult for law firms to shut out the competition. While many firms continue to stick to the traditional methods of […]

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The Impact of Public Media Sponsorship on Healthcare Marketing Strategies

There is no other industry that faces the unique challenges of healthcare marketing. Though, like other industries, they face inevitable budget constraints, the strict regulations in place to protect patient information also serve to hinder marketing efforts. Healthcare marketers are prohibited from using certain […]

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Leveraging the Public Media Audience to Drive Health Insurance Enrollment

Individual health is a personal topic and so is health insurance. Because every consumer's healthcare needs are different and constantly changing, marketing health insurance can be challenging. Health insurance brands must overcome a unique set of obstacles in order to build trust.  Public media sponsorship is an […]

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Enginuity Employee Spotlight: Liana Falcetti, Growth Strategist

We are launching a new series on our blog! The Enginuity Employee Spotlight series will share employee stories, focused on their achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more to get to know them in and outside of work. The series will build connections among employees and boost belonging and […]

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Public Radio Sponsorship - A Direct Line to Key Decision Makers for B2B Sales

For B2B salespeople, it can be ultra-challenging to get an audience with key decision makers. Busy schedules and layers of gatekeepers work to keep C-suite executives out of reach. Just finding out the identity and contact information of the right person to speak with can seem like a heavy lift.  

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What's the 'B' in DEIB and What It Means for Your Public Media Sponsorship

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been a focus of many companies for the last few years. Whether in their hiring practices, career paths, or marketing efforts, businesses have come to recognize that they must give equal opportunities to all people, regardless of identity, abilities, culture, or ethnicity. […]

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The True Purpose of Public Media Advertising

Many believe that the purpose of advertising is to sell products or services to the general public. While a purchase is usually the ultimate desire, the real purpose of advertising is to raise awareness about a brand in order to generate traffic. It's all about being known before you are needed, so that your […]

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Spoken Word Programming = Attentive Audiences

Public radio listeners are a highly attentive audience. When it comes to spoken word programs, they are not only listening, but leaning in. More likely to seek additional information from a sponsor than commercial radio audiences, they are unlikely to change the station when a message comes on.  Spoken word […]

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Public Radio Sponsorship Works for Nonprofits

Nonprofits do important work, often with limited resources. Dependent upon donations to operate, funds must first go toward advancing the mission before being invested in advertising. Still, charitable organizations must be seen and heard in order to remain viable. 

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