Top 5 Industries Reaping Marketing Success with Public Radio Sponsorship

The mechanics of marketing strategy success

Every business owner or marketer wants to know their message is being heard. Finding a niche that ensures you have the right audience is also a major boost. We’re here to help. There are five industries that have remarkable marketing success with their local NPR and PBS stations via sponsorship messaging. In fact, these five powerhouses are continuously Public Media’s strongest sponsors.

1. Performing Arts

Performing arts organizations are often non-profits. They require consistent, long-term support. Because public radio’s fanbase heavily includes those who support the arts, sponsorship messages in this vein are fully embraced by listeners. 

Public Radio listeners are two to three times more likely to support arts and culture than the average American. (Nielsen 2022). They are also more likely to buy tickets to museums, and musical or cultural performances. The public media fanbase is a prime audience for performing arts marketing messages.

2. Higher Education

Higher education includes colleges, universities, as well as continuing education institutions. Hundreds of millions are spent each year in marketing for this industry.

Public radio’s fanbase is 70 % more likely to have a bachelor’s degree, compared to 32% of the total population. Moreover, NPR listeners are 249% more likely to have doctorate degrees than the rest of the U.S. population. Continuing that legacy within their family makes them a high-target audience for these institutions' marketing messages.

3. Healthcare

Healthcare marketing strategies come with their own set of challenges. There are government-mandated limitations that other industries don’t have. When you combine that with the public’s wariness of healthcare institutions, the public media Halo Effect provides an audience more likely to trust marketing messages from local healthcare providers when heard on stations they already trust.

Many public media stations have healthcare reporters who provide updates from a community health desk. This is a great opportunity to access an audience already seeking healthcare advice. Sponsorship messages provided during these programs yield consistent, positive results. 

4. Media

This popular industry includes TV, streaming services, and more. By tapping into an audience that is already committed to radio and television programming, media marketing strategies are more likely to be highly embraced by this fanbase.

Because public media is a trusted brand among all demographics, you’re more likely to reach a broader audience. Additionally, that audience is more likely to apply your message to their life choices.

5. Non-profits

Non-profits in particular, depend on public radio sponsorship to convey their brand messaging. As they are offering a much-needed service to the community, local stations are ideal for regional non-profit services. Furthermore, public radio listeners contribute to non-profits at three to five times the rate as other United States citizens. (Nielsen 2022).

Hyper-targeted Audience Bonus

Public radio has reporting desks for a variety of subjects such as education, environmentalism/sustainability, health/aging, business/economy, and more. These broadcasts warrant followers who are tuned-in specifically for these industries. Sponsorship messaging opportunities are available during each of these programs.

In addition, sponsors can extend their message's reach by taking advantage of the digital messaging that most stations offer. Banners that continue a brand's on-air message are placed on station websites and in email newsletters, many of which drive tens of thousands of impressions and subscribers.

Not one of the top five industries?

No worries, the public media audience is 84% more likely to take action on a marketing message from a sponsor than other media consumers are to act on typical ads. Additional industries that regularly sponsor and see success include:

  • Travel

  • Tech

  • Finance

  • Events

  • Local Government Agencies

  • Retail

Whatever your industry may be, we have marketing experts available to help you find the ideal spot for your brand message. If you would like to connect with a public media audience and share your marketing message, leave your contact information below. We'll reach out to you ASAP and get you started on the road to marketing success.

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