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The Benefits of Public Media Sponsorship for Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is your company’s most valuable asset. It is important for gaining new customers, retaining existing customers, building business relationships, and building corporate culture. It’s an asset that can be built over time, but also damaged by poor decisions or actions. 

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Create a Stand-Out Law Firm Brand with Public Media Marketing

When it comes to branding and client acquisition, law firms face numerous challenges. An extremely tight market combined with a sometimes negative public perception of the profession makes it difficult for law firms to shut out the competition. While many firms continue to stick to the traditional methods of […]

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The Impact of Public Media Sponsorship on Healthcare Marketing Strategies

There is no other industry that faces the unique challenges of healthcare marketing. Though, like other industries, they face inevitable budget constraints, the strict regulations in place to protect patient information also serve to hinder marketing efforts. Healthcare marketers are prohibited from using certain […]

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Leveraging the Public Media Audience to Drive Health Insurance Enrollment

Individual health is a personal topic and so is health insurance. Because every consumer's healthcare needs are different and constantly changing, marketing health insurance can be challenging. Health insurance brands must overcome a unique set of obstacles in order to build trust.  Public media sponsorship is an […]

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What's the 'B' in DEIB and What It Means for Your Public Media Sponsorship

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have been a focus of many companies for the last few years. Whether in their hiring practices, career paths, or marketing efforts, businesses have come to recognize that they must give equal opportunities to all people, regardless of identity, abilities, culture, or ethnicity. […]

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The True Purpose of Public Media Advertising

Many believe that the purpose of advertising is to sell products or services to the general public. While a purchase is usually the ultimate desire, the real purpose of advertising is to raise awareness about a brand in order to generate traffic. It's all about being known before you are needed, so that your […]

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Why Travel and Tourism Brands Are Turning to Public Media Now

After a long dry spell and numerous stops and starts, we can once again take to the skies, rails, roads, and seas this spring and summer. Domestic travel this year is up almost 36% compared to pre-pandemic times, and it is expected to rise another 28.4% next year. International travel to the U.S. is projected to […]

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Spring Clean Your Marketing with Clutter-Free Messaging

Public media is a clutter-free media environment that elicits better brand recall. The audience is not bombarded with ads as they are on traditional media, allowing them to focus on the content. Businesses that sponsor public radio can see results. In one study, sponsors experienced a purchase lift of 92%.  

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Why Public Radio's Reach Lets Your Message Go Further

It’s impossible to reach your target audience in places where they are not in the habit of listening to ads. The key to getting your message recognized and acted upon involves finding those avenues where consumers are already highly engaged and focusing your effort there. 

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Public Media Sponsorships But Were Afraid to Ask

Because marketing is an ever-evolving process, even a successful marketing strategy can benefit from a shake-up now and then. Public media sponsorship is a great way to disrupt your current marketing approach for better results long-term.  

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