Public Radio Sponsorship Works for Nonprofits

Nonprofits do important work, often with limited resources. Dependent upon donations to operate, funds must first go toward advancing the mission before being invested in advertising. Still, charitable organizations must be seen and heard in order to remain viable. 

When it comes to ad spend, nonprofits may not be comparable to big pharma, but they are a significant portion of the market. The nonprofit sector in the US ranks as the nation's third-largest private employer. While larger charitable organizations may have sizable advertising budgets that commercial radio stations can tap into, many in the sector rely on partnerships to make their existence known to the public.   

An excellent way to share your nonprofit's message is by sponsoring nonprofit media. To effectively promote your cause, partnering with a public radio station gives you access to an ideal audience. 

Public Media Audiences Support Nonprofits 

The public media audience is cultured and influential in addition to being highly engaged. Seeking out cultural experiences as entertainment, the NPR audience is likely to have attended a museum exhibit, a theater production, or an art gallery in the past year. In terms of their livelihoods, a majority of listeners are made up of leaders in the workplace and business owners. More likely to work in top management or be a self-employed professional, this audience enjoys traveling, learning about new things, and supporting worthy causes.  

Public radio listeners are very conscientious and like to show support for the nonprofits they believe in. Overall, they are 198% more likely to have served on a committee for a local organization than listeners of traditional radio. They generally have no problem contacting political representatives at the state, local, and national levels with their concerns. Environmentally and socially conscious and thoughtful about their purchases, this exclusive audience has a tendency to make financial contributions to environmental, arts, and cultural organizations.   

By sponsoring public radio, your nonprofit has the benefit of an audience that is paying attention to programming. They are more likely to hear your message, seek out more information, and possibly making a donation.    

Public Media Audiences Appreciate Brands With Purpose 

Your nonprofit is a brand, and the public media audience wants to help brands make a difference in the community. Interested in supporting organizations that have a purpose, NPR listeners are 72% more likely to have volunteered their time for charities (Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2021). They ultimately want to spend their money with those that share their values. 

73% of public radio listeners hold a positive opinion of NPR supporters, and 70% say they prefer to do business with public radio sponsors. Thanks to the Halo Effect, the likelihood that a positive impression will influence a good opinion in other areas, audience members consider nonprofits mentioned on public radio endorsed by the medium. 

When the goal is to spark interest, such an endorsement can strongly affect your bottom line. 

Public Media Can Boost Your Fundraising Efforts 

When your nonprofit partners with public radio, your fundraising gets the benefit of a broader reach. With an estimated 35 million listeners each week, NPR is home to some of the most listened to drive time news and talk radio programs in the country (ACT 1 based on Nielsen Nationwide, Spring 2021).  

Demographic-wise, public radio listeners are represented by all groups. While the numbers of men and women who listen in are nearly equal, about 38% are between the ages of 18 and 34. Approximately 32% of listeners are aged 35 to 54, and 33% are over the age of 55. Today's NPR audience includes African American and Latinx listeners and continues to draw a more diverse listenership with relevant content that amplifies voices from various ethnic backgrounds. 

As far as personal income, the NPR audience profile shows that public radio listeners typically fall into a higher household income bracket. 80% of listeners earn more than $50,000 per year, and 75% brings in over $75,000 annually.  

By appealing to such a vast audience with discretionary income, your sponsorship dollars go farther, and your fundraising can reach new heights.  

Consider a Public Radio Sponsorship for Your Nonprofit 

When looking for ways to foster support for your nonprofit, public media has a lot to offer. Public radio professionals have the experience and know-how to promote and market your cause. An engaged, influential audience that is involved in the community can help you attract volunteers and meet your financial goals.   

Contact your media partner to learn more about NPR sponsorship and get your nonprofit the attention it deserves.  

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