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Public Radio & TV Marketing: Where Trust & Action Converge

In the saturated world of marketing, two elements are indispensable: Trust, and Driving Action.

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Audio Ads Defy Ad Fatigue and Increase Purchase Intent

We've all experienced ad fatigue when being repeatedly bombarded with the same TV commercial or digital video ad. At first, it grabs your attention, but after multiple views, you're just tuning it out completely.

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The Five Truths About Radio Marketing in the Digital Age

In the modern digital age, it's easy to overlook radio as an effective advertising medium. Audiences today have more options than ever for news and entertainment, and radio might seem old-fashioned. However, radio is far from obsolete. It is a powerful channel for reaching all demographics and remains essential […]

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Why Marketers Choose Public Media During Election Seasons

As the 2024 election gears up, industry experts forecast that political advertising spending will soar to a record $10.2 billion across TV, radio and digital platforms. For marketers, the surge of political ad clutter creates numerous headaches:

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January 13th, a Commemoration of Public Radio Broadcasting

It’s on this day that we honor those who invented this phenomenal piece of technology, and the profound impact public broadcasting has had on all of our lives.

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A Quick Guide to Pitching Your Boss on Marketing with Public Radio

In the fast-paced world of marketing, decision-makers are often bombarded with numerous advertising opportunities. Convincing skeptics can be challenging. By using a thoughtful and strategic approach, you can create a compelling pitch that will have your team ready to rock public radio sponsorship opportunities.

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Audio Advertising: How It Resonates More Than Other Formats

As numerous mediums for advertising claim to reign supreme, research emerges that reveals audio ads resonate emotionally greater than any other medium. What does that mean for your marketing strategy? When it comes to advertising, you can’t ignore audio.

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Navigating the Age of Authenticity: Success in Purpose-driven Marketing

We’re all familiar with the term “purpose-driven marketing.” Over the last decade, it has had a prominent place in blogs and marketing campaigns alike. But what impact has it had on brands or profits? Will it be a part of an organization’s long-term strategy? And if it is, how do we ensure that it’s successful?

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Radio Listeners Drive Nearly 5 Billion Weekly Brand Conversations

Radio listeners are an exceptional group of individuals. It turns out—far more so than previously thought. As marketers we’ve been focused on social media influencers for the last decade. Yet, a recent study shows that you may be better off putting your marketing dollars into radio. Let’s discover why.

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Public Radio Music Day: Amplifying Music Across America

Public radio has brought music to the forefront of American life for decades. From classical to jazz, bluegrass to roots, alt-country and more—public radio has provided listeners with the music of America’s landscape. And that’s something to celebrate.

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