Public Radio Music Day: Amplifying Music Across America

Public radio has brought music to the forefront of American life for decades. From classical to jazz, bluegrass to roots, alt-country and more—public radio has provided listeners with the music of America’s landscape. And that’s something to celebrate.

Public Radio Music Day honors these efforts annually. On October 25, 2023, the United States will host our fourth annual celebration. This year’s theme is “Building Community Through Music.” Public radio stations across the country will showcase local school music programs and much more.    

noncomMUSIC's Role In Public Radio Music Day

This year, the noncomMUSIC Alliance will host the celebration. This organization partners with more than 125 public radio stations. The noncomMUSIC Alliance’s mission highlights noncommercial radio’s role in connecting musical artists with locals who enjoy and support their music.

Established in 2018, the Alliance's primary aim is to bring diverse noncommercial music populations together. By magnifying those voices and informing others–particularly public policymakers–support for public radio's role in local communities across the United States will continue to be fostered.


"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." ~Victor Hugo 


What To Expect From Public Radio Music Day 2023

This year is the fourth annual Public Radio Music Day. Nationwide, public radio stations will partner with local schools to host concerts, hold a public radio career day, feature future musicians, or highlight a collaborative community service program. Additional features may include dedicated studio sessions, fan and artist stories, or online local events.

Ultimately, Public Radio Music Day highlights the contributions public radio stations provide to music education, artist discovery, as well as the support of local music culture.

Public radio’s role in the discovery, curation and preservation of local and “up-and-coming” musical artists is unmatched. From station interviews to Tiny Desk concerts, public radio reflects and helps shape music lovers’ repertoires. By introducing new music, as well as providing alternatives to commercial music stations for listeners, public radio can expand music knowledge and even improve the sense of community in their region.

Music has a way of connecting people, particularly across generations, as nothing else can. This year’s Public Radio Music Day will spread awareness of public radio’s impact on audiences, as well as engage with a new generation of music lovers.

An Invitation For You

Ultimately, local public radio stations are America’s richest, most expansive sources of music. Moreover, they play a vital role in boosting local artists, venues and music economies.

The public radio experience means so much to so many. Regarding this year’s celebration, Pennsylvania Representative Mary Gay Scanton stated, "Public radio stations are an incredible source of entertainment and education, providing listeners across the United States a gateway to the world. The diversity of their innovative programming is an unparalleled public service…”. We couldn’t agree more.

Please join us by tapping into your local public radio station on October 25th. Whether turning on the dial or accessing the online portal, you are sure to find something inspiring in the way of wonderful music. Let’s enjoy, edify and applaud our local talent and strengthen our communities through song. It’s a great unifier!

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