Radio Listeners Drive Nearly 5 Billion Weekly Brand Conversations

Radio Listeners are Mega Brand Influencers

Radio listeners are an exceptional group of individuals. It turns out—far more so than previously thought. As marketers we’ve been focused on social media influencers for the last decade. Yet, a recent study shows that you may be better off putting your marketing dollars into radio. Let’s discover why.

According to a new study commissioned by RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau), Radio Drives Brand Conversations, and conducted by Engagement Labs, heavy radio listeners generate almost 5 billion weekly brand conversations. That’s more than any other media forum, social media and TV combined. Heavy radio listeners are defined as those who listen to 2+ hours per day of radio.


In fact, heavy radio listeners are more likely to be everyday consumer influencers:

  • +25% more likely than the average person
  • +23% more likely vs. heavy TV viewers
  • +4% more likely vs. heavy social media users

What does that mean for brand advertising? Radio holds the leverage.    

Radio Influence Knows No Bounds

This same study reveals the power of radio in fueling both brand conversations and influencing purchase decisions for 15 popular industries. We aren’t talking about just conversations here. These interactions lead to purchase intent. That’s where the greatest power lies.

According to a previous study conducted by the Engagement Lab, at least 19 percent of purchases result from brand conversations. Furthermore, in-person conversations lead to more purchases than online conversations. The latter leans heavier on sentiment while in-person conversations tend to depend on volume. The more often an individual hears someone speak well of a particular brand, the more likely they are to consume it.

The brand conversations that these radio listeners have are not only more frequent but also more influential. Moreover, the Radio Drives Brands Conversations study demonstrates that radio's brand conversations result in higher purchase intent than the national average, particularly in categories such as auto, food and dining, entertainment, as well as travel and technology.

"A brand is no longer what we tell consumers it is. It is what consumers tell each other it is." ~ Scott Cook, Founder of Intuit

Fun fact: 51% of brand conversations among Heavy Radio Listeners result in intent to purchase.

While radio conversations surpass all other media-driven conversations in the 15 popular industries researched, radio performs particularly well in the following categories:

  • Auto: +14%
  • Sports: +13%
  • Telecom: +10%
  • Technology: +9%
  • Beverages: +5%
  • Healthcare: +5%

The above percentages convey the additional power of heavy radio listeners regarding brand influence. You can see why radio should be the strongest avenue for marketing plans, particularly in these industries.

Radio's Influence On Informing Society

The study also highlights radio's role in fostering informed societal dialogue. Heavy radio listeners are more engaged in various topics that influence society. From personal finance to political issues, radio provides informed dialogue among a broad range of subjects and industries.

The Radio Drives Brand Conversations study reinforces the transformative potential of radio in media and its dynamic value for advertisers. With radio's ability to magnify conversations, engage everyday influencers, drive purchase intent, as well as foster dialogue on crucial issues, its role as a powerhouse tool for brands and advertisers becomes undeniable. 

Impactful Influencers Aren't Everywhere

Influential consumers represent a mere 10% of the public. Additionally, they have 2 to 3 times more brand conversations than the average individual. Reaching these consumers with your brand message is essential to both obtaining new customers and maintaining current clientele. 

So, it turns out the gift of gab has value. Moreover, radio continues to provide a powerful way to ensure brand messages reach the ears of influencers who conversate with more people.

We know we should use our marketing budgets in diverse mediums. But here's the thing—doesn't it make sense to put more of your budget into radio rather than less?

Simply stated, radio can't be ignored. This medium should be fostered as its ability to engage brand influence that promotes conversion to sales exceeds any other option. Are you considering ways to make a dynamic impact with your resources? We would be delighted to guide you through the possibilities. Please feel free to contact us below.

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