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Enginuity Employee Spotlight: James Macias, Account Manager

Welcome to the Enginuity Employee Spotlight series! This series shares employee stories, focused on their achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more to get to know them in and outside of work. The series builds connections among employees and boosts belonging and inclusion among our larger […]

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Does Your Target Customer Listen to Public Radio?

As any business owner can attest, reaching target customers is crucial for an enterprise's success. However, finding the channels that will be most effective in connecting with them is just as critical. Public radio's diverse listener base is the ideal platform for many successful companies, allowing them to tap […]

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Sponsoring Public Radio Helps Your Brand Cut Through the Noise and Earn Listener Attention

Reaching and resonating with audiences is crucial for maintaining market share and brand awareness. Consumers constantly encounter messaging vying for their attention, and brands that "cut through the noise" stand the best chance to gain a loyal following.    Business leaders must determine how to position their […]

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Why Advertising in a Premium Environment is Worth the Cost

Different marketing media bring different results with reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Some platforms cost less, but only deliver meager results. Premium platforms cost more and deliver significantly better results. 

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How Local Media Offers a More Intimate Connection with Listeners

Connecting with consumers helps to develop customer relationships with brands. Reaching them on their preferred platforms earns their attention, and using strategies such as local sponsorship messaging shows that you support their interests and community 

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Enginuity Employee Spotlight: Sara Tomerlin, Sponsor Success Manager

Welcome to the Enginuity Employee Spotlight series! This new series will share employee stories, focused on their achievements, personality, successes, challenges, and more to get to know them in and outside of work. The series will build connections among employees and boost belonging and inclusion among our […]

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Public Radio's Platform Elevates Your Message - Here's How

Public radio sponsorship connects your brand with a devoted audience more likely to support organizations that sponsor their favorite stations.  The public radio audience is highly educated, well-traveled, and are informed decision-makers. Stations understand that local immersion is vital for serving their […]

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Increase Brand Awareness with No Production Costs through Public Radio Sponsorships

Companies can only continue growing by gaining new customers, which is why they often rely on increasing brand awareness as a marketing tactic.   Any awareness campaign requires planning and effort to ensure connection with the target audience. Depending on the marketing medium used, businesses can conduct […]

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eBook Highlight: Understanding the Public Media Audience

Public media’s audience is as unique and varied as the public it represents. There’s no one-sized-fits-all description that makes up the audience, making for a diverse pool of public media fans. The audience includes folks of all genders and orientations, those who are married or unmarried, and represents […]

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Tap into Goodwill Marketing with Public Radio Sponsorship

Communities play pivotal roles in a company’s success and continued growth. Showing gratitude to that community by demonstrating corporate social responsibility helps establish and deepen the relationship, creating a mutually beneficial association.   Utilizing goodwill marketing as a business is an excellent way […]

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