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Why Travel and Tourism Brands Are Turning to Public Media Now

After a long dry spell and numerous stops and starts, we can once again take to the skies, rails, roads, and seas this spring and summer. Domestic travel this year is up almost 36% compared to pre-pandemic times, and it is expected to rise another 28.4% next year. International travel to the U.S. is projected to […]

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Spring Clean Your Marketing with Clutter-Free Messaging

Public media is a clutter-free media environment that elicits better brand recall. The audience is not bombarded with ads as they are on traditional media, allowing them to focus on the content. Businesses that sponsor public radio can see results. In one study, sponsors experienced a purchase lift of 92%.  

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Why Public Radio's Reach Lets Your Message Go Further

It’s impossible to reach your target audience in places where they are not in the habit of listening to ads. The key to getting your message recognized and acted upon involves finding those avenues where consumers are already highly engaged and focusing your effort there. 

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Public Media Sponsorships But Were Afraid to Ask

Because marketing is an ever-evolving process, even a successful marketing strategy can benefit from a shake-up now and then. Public media sponsorship is a great way to disrupt your current marketing approach for better results long-term.  

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Legacy Programming on PBS and the Benefits of Sponsoring Public TV

Today, with the rise of digital streaming services and cable TV, the majority of Americans watch their favorite shows on their own schedule. A growing preference for these services means traditional TV advertisers have to find new ways to reach viewers. That's where public media comes in. 

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The Benefits of Borrowed Influence in Marketing and Advertising

Trust is a vital element in any relationship, whether personal or business. It is at the heart of your brand image and the basis of customer loyalty. In an era of sensationalism, truth seems to be an optional component of engaging content. When likes and shares seem to rule digital media, earning the trust and […]

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Measuring Your Public Media Sponsorship Campaigns

Tracking your media campaign and strategically analyzing the results is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Not only will you better understand your return on investment, you’ll also understand which media platforms resonate best with your target audience and how to optimize for the future.

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Why Advertising on Public Radio is a Creative Marketing Solution

Consumers seem to be constantly online, so many advertisers are jumping on marketing trends in the digital world. While digital marketing is an effective strategy, traditional advertising tactics (especially radio) can still net sound results.  In recent years, radio advertising has proven to be three times more […]

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The Difference the Halo Effect Makes in Gaining New Customers

Consumers are influenced by brands they feel good about. When a business or product has gained a following among shoppers or is associated with a worthy cause, it creates an aura that others want to align themselves with. This halo effect is one of the keys to generating new business.   

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Establishing the Proper Share of Voice in Podcasting

Throughout any podcast campaign, it's important that marketers consider an appropriate brand presence on the show(s) they sponsor. Establishing a sense of “reach & frequency” similar to more traditional broadcast platforms will magnify the impact of your campaigns, and ultimately, drive ROI. Here's how to […]

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