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Tap into Goodwill Marketing with Public Radio Sponsorship

Communities play pivotal roles in a company’s success and continued growth. Showing gratitude to that community by demonstrating corporate social responsibility helps establish and deepen the relationship, creating a mutually beneficial association.  Utilizing goodwill marketing as a business is an excellent way […]

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Why Public Radio Sponsorship Strengthens Your Other Marketing Efforts

Brand perception is one of the most valuable assets for your business. It tells the world what your customers think about your products and services. The better your brand perception, the more likely you are to attract new customers and retain existing ones. It also increases the effectiveness in other areas of […]

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5 Ways Public Radio Connects Your Brand with Local Culture

Public radio stations are local entities first and foremost. They reflect the culture and sensibilities of their communities and often focus their news reports on regional events. Public radio is highly effective at tapping into local cultures and supporting them through local journalism. It is increasingly […]

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How Small Businesses Can Tap into Public Radio Advertising

Small businesses must market themselves to grow and attract new customers. Of course, there are countless ways to reach your target audience in today's media landscape. One of the most impactful (and surprisingly accessible) channels is public radio.

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Public Radio Sponsorship: A New Approach to Reaching Underserved Communities

Public media was founded on the principle that it was for all people. However, there are still markets and communities that are underserved. We all want to see ourselves represented in ads, stories, and programs, as well as the hosts that lead them.

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Public Radio Sponsorship - A Direct Line to Key Decision Makers for B2B Sales

For B2B salespeople, it can be ultra-challenging to get an audience with key decision makers. Busy schedules and layers of gatekeepers work to keep C-suite executives out of reach. Just finding out the identity and contact information of the right person to speak with can seem like a heavy lift.

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Spoken Word Programming = Attentive Audiences

Public radio listeners are a highly attentive audience. When it comes to spoken word programs, they are not only listening, but leaning in. More likely to seek additional information from a sponsor than commercial radio audiences, they are unlikely to change the station when a message comes on. Spoken word […]

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Public Radio Sponsorship Works for Nonprofits

Nonprofits do important work, often with limited resources. Dependent upon donations to operate, funds must first go toward advancing the mission before being invested in advertising. Still, charitable organizations must be seen and heard in order to remain viable.

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Why Public Radio's Reach Lets Your Message Go Further

It’s impossible to reach your target audience in places where they are not in the habit of listening to ads. The key to getting your message recognized and acted upon involves finding those avenues where consumers are already highly engaged and focusing your effort there.

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Why Advertising on Public Radio is a Creative Marketing Solution

Consumers seem to be constantly online, so many advertisers are jumping on marketing trends in the digital world. While digital marketing is an effective strategy, traditional advertising tactics (especially radio) can still net sound results. In recent years, radio advertising has proven to be three times more […]

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