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How Public Media Shaped the Podcast Industry

Public radio is a beloved and venerable institution. For more than 50 years, it has been at the forefront, influencing how Americans get their news and entertainment. It has helped pioneer new technology and mediums, such as early digital options with online radio and podcasts, creating a symbiotic relationship […]

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How Podcasts Expanded Public Radio's Reach

Though podcasts are still a relatively new medium, they have become an incredibly popular format that grows in listenership daily. With thousands of shows available on-demand, fans can listen to their favorite content when it’s most convenient for them, whether it’s at home, at the gym, or in the car.

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Ways Public Radio Promotes Diverse Voices and Perspectives

Every story has multiple sides, and journalists take all of them into account to provide the most comprehensive coverage of any event, enabling an informed, educated population who understand all viewpoints.

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Boost Your Brand’s Credibility with Public Radio

In business, reputation is everything. New customers rely on reputation to consider products or services. Current customers depend on reputation, and their own experience, to continue patronizing businesses. Brands can develop a favorable image by carefully cultivating their reputation, providing quality products […]

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Reach Decision Makers with Public Radio

B2B marketing faces challenges in reaching key audiences. Many marketing strategies to reach individuals aren't as effective when targeting other businesses. However, public radio has a knack for capturing the attention of both individual and business consumers with equal impact. It offers an option that lies […]

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Make Your Small Business a Local Institution by Sponsoring Public Radio

Long-standing businesses and local institutions in our communities feature so prominently in our memories that we point them out to our partners and children as we drive through our hometowns. However, they didn't start that way and certainly didn't achieve that overnight. They reached that venerable status […]

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Tips to Connect Your Nonprofit to a Caring Audience

Patrons are the lifeblood of nonprofits. Acquiring those generous donors depends on reaching the right audience. Marketing helps nonprofits expand their donor base by connecting with people who believe in their cause. Public radio listeners are known for their caring and dedicated nature, which makes public media […]

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Does Your Target Customer Listen to Public Radio?

As any business owner can attest, reaching target customers is crucial for an enterprise's success. However, finding the channels that will be most effective in connecting with them is just as critical. Public radio's diverse listener base is the ideal platform for many successful companies, allowing them to tap […]

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Sponsoring Public Radio Helps Your Brand Cut Through the Noise and Earn Listener Attention

Reaching and resonating with audiences is crucial for maintaining market share and brand awareness. Consumers constantly encounter messaging vying for their attention, and brands that "cut through the noise" stand the best chance to gain a loyal following. Business leaders must determine how to position their […]

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Public Radio's Platform Elevates Your Message - Here's How

Public radio sponsorship connects your brand with a devoted audience more likely to support organizations that sponsor their favorite stations. The public radio audience is highly educated, well-traveled, and are informed decision-makers. Stations understand that local immersion is vital for serving their regions […]

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