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Audio Ads Defy Ad Fatigue and Increase Purchase Intent

We've all experienced ad fatigue when being repeatedly bombarded with the same TV commercial or digital video ad. At first, it grabs your attention, but after multiple views, you're just tuning it out completely.

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Why Marketers Choose Public Media During Election Seasons

As the 2024 election gears up, industry experts forecast that political advertising spending will soar to a record $10.2 billion across TV, radio and digital platforms. For marketers, the surge of political ad clutter creates numerous headaches:

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How Public Media Sponsorship can Compliment Your Media Mix

Effective marketing must be dynamic and target the appropriate audiences. Relying on a single marketing method may cause audiences to lose interest, while utilizing just one platform limits your reach, potentially excluding numerous interested individuals from receiving your message.

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Why Radio Advertising Still Works in the Modern Media Environment

Consumers in today's world have a plethora of media options at their disposal throughout the day. Information and entertainment options that didn't exist 20 or 30 years ago are now commonplace — and sometimes even more popular than traditional channels. Online streaming, podcasts, news apps, and scores of other […]

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Earn Corporate Goodwill through Public Radio Sponsorship

Most (if not all) businesses' continued viability as an organization relies on public perception of their corporate goodwill. Consumers who view a particular brand favorably are much more likely to buy from that brand than unfamiliar or unfavored competitors.  That’s the idea behind corporate goodwill, as it […]

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How Public Media Shaped the Podcast Industry

Public radio is a beloved and venerable institution. For more than 50 years, it has been at the forefront, influencing how Americans get their news and entertainment. It has helped pioneer new technology and mediums, such as early digital options with online radio and podcasts, creating a symbiotic relationship […]

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How Podcasts Expanded Public Radio's Reach

Though podcasts are still a relatively new medium, they have become an incredibly popular format that grows in listenership daily. With thousands of shows available on-demand, fans can listen to their favorite content when it’s most convenient for them, whether it’s at home, at the gym, or in the car.

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Why Consumer Trust Matters in Marketing

Trust is a hard-earned commodity in today's world, making consumer trust a crucial resource for any business that aims to achieve sustainable growth. Customers are more likely to buy from brands that they trust, so instilling trust and confidence in your consumer base should be a priority for any business. 

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