Purpose-Driven Marketing with Public Media

Purpose-Driven Marketing with Public Media

As more consumers prioritize brands with a purpose, the need for purpose-driven marketing grows. Consumers today are more socially conscious when making purchasing decisions. Not only do they choose purpose-driven companies because they make a positive difference, but they also feel like they're personally contributing by supporting these brands. 

Here's how to increase your customer base, boost customer loyalty, and see better ROI with purpose-driven marketing.  

What is purpose-driven marketing?

Purpose-driven marketing is a long-term strategy that connects your brand to consumers with the same values and beliefs. It also aligns your brand with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives. Essentially, by associating your brand with mutual causes and charities, you can better resonate with your target audience and make a difference in areas they hold dear.  

Due to its noncommercial nature, public media inhabits an authentic environment for brands to execute their purpose-driven marketing campaigns. Public media audiences are purpose-driven consumers encompassing the following desirable characteristics: 


Public media audiences are more likely to be educated college graduates. They're highly engaged in the charities they support in their communities, and they donate time and money to causes they believe in.  


Many public media listeners hold managerial positions in business. They have valued ideas and opinions and are trusted with purchasing decisions. They also community influencers. They are receptive to evangelizing your brand via word-of-mouth and referrals among their family, friends, and colleagues. Better yet, the community is open to hearing about it from them. 


When it comes to this audience, price isn't a main concern. Public media audiences have discretionary income and are more likely to take a company's purpose into consideration when making a purchase.  

Cultural and Community-minded 

Public media audiences are culturally aware and community-minded. This means that they often advocate for important causes and charities that bring their community together. When you connect with this audience, your brand becomes synonymous with their effort. This mutually-shared cause then influences more people to see your brand as a community supporter.

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Brands who lead with purpose are more likely to build long-term connections with consumers, leading to higher ROI and brand loyalty. Public media sponsorship aligns your brand with a like-minded audience of customers more likely to value your brand's purpose. 

Learn more about purpose-driven marketing and how public media can build connections for your brand by downloading the full eBook, Purpose-Driven Marketing with Public Media: Connect with Consumers through Shared Values. 

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