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Why Radio Still Reigns: The Untapped Power of Radio Advertising in 2023

Radio was the first form of advertising across the globe, outside of printing. America grabbed hold of this invention in 1900 and never looked back. To date, radio is still the best medium of advertising to reach the American masses.

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The Power of Radio

TV was gold for decades, surpassing radio in both consumption and advertising. But those days are gone. The needle on the dial is moving toward audio. And that may prove immensely beneficial for marketers. Let’s delve in.

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Public Radio: It's Not Your Father's NPR

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “public radio?" Maybe you garner a visual of Grandpa snoozing in his chair? Possibly a long, boring commute home? Honestly, you aren’t alone. The good news is those are just misconceptions. Public media has evolved over time, and we want to let you in on the […]

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How Public Media Shaped the Podcast Industry

Public radio is a beloved and venerable institution. For more than 50 years, it has been at the forefront, influencing how Americans get their news and entertainment. It has helped pioneer new technology and mediums, such as early digital options with online radio and podcasts, creating a symbiotic relationship […]

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How Podcasts Expanded Public Radio's Reach

Though podcasts are still a relatively new medium, they have become an incredibly popular format that grows in listenership daily. With thousands of shows available on-demand, fans can listen to their favorite content when it’s most convenient for them, whether it’s at home, at the gym, or in the car.

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The Importance of Local Public Radio and Local Immersion

Public radio is a highly effective avenue for not only engaging with listeners, but also immersing yourself in their psyche. For example, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, some 57 million listeners tuned in to NPR. Moreover, 92% of public radio listeners are active in their communities.

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Establishing the Proper Share of Voice in Podcasting

Throughout any podcast campaign, it's important that marketers consider an appropriate brand presence on the show(s) they sponsor. Establishing a sense of “reach & frequency” similar to more traditional broadcast platforms will magnify the impact of your campaigns, and ultimately, drive ROI. Here's how to […]

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What Podcast Rankings Mean and How Much They Matter

In today’s media-buying landscape, scale is crucial. After all, you could have the greatest sponsorship copy the world has ever heard or have a groundbreaking product, but it won’t matter if your message doesn’t reach anybody. One of the greatest obstacles marketers face is that they have limited capacity to […]

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How to Create Compelling Copy for Podcast Advertising

As podcasting grows into a more significant part of the media landscape, sponsors are rapidly learning how to leverage the medium to generate more significant ROI. This makes sense as the platform provides a unique advantage, delivering a ready-made, targeted audience that is engaged. The ads are relevant, […]

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Boost Your Podcast Ad Performance with Cross-Platform Marketing Solutions

While technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the way businesses market their products, the information overload that comes can make it more challenging for brands to effectively capture their target audience’s attention.

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