5 Ways Public Radio Connects Your Brand with Local Culture

5 Ways Public Radio Connects Your Brand with Local Culture

Public radio stations are local entities first and foremost. They reflect the culture and sensibilities of their communities and often focus their news reports on regional events. Public radio is highly effective at tapping into local cultures and supporting them through local journalism. It is increasingly important considering recent corporate takeovers of local news outlets. 

Public Radio Nurtures Local Voices 

In many cases, public radio is the only truly local news source for a particular region. Newspapers are increasingly becoming consolidated by larger business organizations, leading to shrinking news rooms and a decrease in local content. For example, when Alden Capital acquired the Denver Post in 2010, there was a 68% reduction in the number of local articles published by the paper between 2012 and 2018.  

Public radio stations add value beyond their respective regions but they have remained fixtures within their communities. Businesses that invest in public radio have a unique opportunity to support their local community through sponsorship and develop relationships with consumers in the area. 

Here are five ways that public radio can connect your brand with local culture: 

#1: Become a Steward of Regional Culture 

According to one study, 92% of public radio listeners are active in their community. Businesses that sponsor public radio programming often receive "Halo Effect" benefits among this demographic. 

For instance, public radio programming often includes news about local events. Companies that support public radio become stewards of regional culture, supporting a community resource that many residents rely on for local information. 

#2: Supports New or Locally Popular Artists or Musicians 

AAA public radio stations can often introduce local listeners to  up-and-coming musicians and artists by playing local music. Many musicians who later "made it big" started as headliners in local music festivals — which are events public radio often covers. Public radio listeners are also fans of the arts, and tune into their local station to learn about gallery openings or performances. 

By sponsoring public radio, sponsors can support local artists and musicians. 

#3: Keeps People Informed of Area News 

When there is an increasing distrust of media, local public radio remains a bulwark of trustworthiness to many listeners. Local residents who want to stay in touch with what's happening in their community frequently tune in to public radio news programs. Local stations are usually among the first outlets to break news of upcoming weather events, emergencies, and other information that's vital to the safety and well-being of people within the community. 

#4: Gives a Voice to the Local Populace 

Public radio is an effective forum for local residents to ask questions, raise concerns, and express themselves on various subjects. Call-in shows allow listeners to engage directly with program hosts or guests.  

Public radio can also give a voice to "underserved" communities. One study found that people of color now represent 42% of the NPR podcast audience and 21% of radio listeners. Public radio offers underrepresented groups the forum to share their opinions and enjoy programming created with them in mind.  

#5: Updates People on Politics in Their Region 

Local politics is one of the most crucial areas to stay informed, but it is also one of the most difficult topics to find trusted information. Fewer things have such a significant impact on people's livelihoods than politics in their region, as it affects everything from school taxes to how quickly roads receive repairs. Politically active listeners can tune in to learn about the latest political news, such as updates on local elections and newly enacted policies. Public radio includes news reports and coverage of regional politics, providing quality, impartial information to help listeners form their own opinions.   

Public Radio Helps Develop and Amplify Local Culture 

Public radio is a powerful channel for connecting with local culture while also being a pillar for cultural development. Public radio has a long track record of helping to shape regional tastes and sensibilities and amplifying those sensibilities to an even wider audience.  

Businesses that invest in public radio sponsorship connect with the local community in a deep and meaningful way. In an increasingly globalized world, public radio and its sponsors develop and celebrate local culture as a champion of the community. 

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