Create a Stand-Out Law Firm Brand with Public Media Marketing

When it comes to branding and client acquisition, law firms face numerous challenges. An extremely tight market combined with a sometimes negative public perception of the profession makes it difficult for law firms to shut out the competition. While many firms continue to stick to the traditional methods of advertising such as TV and billboards, integrating radio is an effective marketing approach to reach a target audience more inclined to use legal services. Statistics show that 83% of Americans ages 12 and older listen to radio in a given week, and the platform has a good reputation when it comes to gaining brand recognition. 

Adding public media to the marketing mix can help law firms stand out by creating lasting impressions in the minds of the audience. 

How does public media help law firms improve their branding efforts? 

The public media audience is influential. According to MRI-Simmons audience profiling, NPR listeners are leaders in the workplace and in the community whether they are employed in the private or public sector, or they own their own businesses. This audience is well-educated and highly engaged with public media programming.  

By advertising to such an attentive audience, law firms messages are not only heard but acted upon. More likely to tell their friends and families about what they learned from public media, listeners also prefer to do business with brands that support their favorite programming. 

Thanks to the Halo Effect, a brand that sponsors programming on public radio experiences a strengthening of its image and reputation. Because listeners hold public radio in such high regard, sponsors can anchor their own standings in the community to that of the station. Capitalizing on borrowed influence, lawyers get the benefit of being seen in a more positive light, greatly aiding branding efforts.       

What are some ways that law firms can get their brand messages across to the public media audience? 

Messaging on public media is short and free of clutter. Unlike the typical 

ad filled with loud claims and calls to action, the public radio sponsorship message doesn't shout at listeners or try to mislead them. Smart, compelling statements respect and inform the NPR audience while complying with sponsorship guidelines. As a result, your law firm is seen as being reliable, trustworthy, and aligned with shared values.

For example, sponsorship messages may include qualitative language that is not overly promotional and is true and accurate. Messaging may direct the listener to the sponsor's website or another source for more information. To get a brand message across, the wording should be clear and focused because public radio listeners prefer a direct approach. 

Sponsorship opportunities on NPR that your law firm can take advantage of include: 


15-second or 30-second messaging identifies and describes sponsors in an environment where brands don't need to shout to be heard. 

Digital Display 

Brands are showcased in an uncluttered web environment with digital ad banners alongside quality station content. 

Podcast Pre-, Mid- or Post-roll 

Due to a significant increase in audience penetration across all genres, podcasting continues to grow exponentially. 15-second podcast sponsorship provides your brand with a messaging opportunity during the episode. 

Help Your Law Firm Stand Out with Public Media 

Public media is the ideal platform for marketing law firms. Short, to-the-point messaging that blends seamlessly with content is delivered to an influential audience who's listening to every word. With an emphasis on elevating underrepresented voices, public media's commitment to diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) ensures that your message will be consumed by a diverse community of listeners. The audience, in turn, will recognize your brand as one that cares about the community and shares in their values.     

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