Legacy Programming on PBS and the Benefits of Sponsoring Public TV

Legacy Programming on PBS and the Benefits of Sponsoring Public TV

Today, with the rise of digital streaming services and cable TV, the majority of Americans watch their favorite shows on their own schedule. A growing preference for these services means traditional TV advertisers have to find new ways to reach viewers. That's where public media comes in. 

 A vast majority—73%—of viewers said they trust PBS, and 82% of parents agreed that PBS KIDS is a trusted and safe source for children to watch television and play digital games and mobile apps. Let’s explore how you can leverage this trust and reach an engaged audience through public media sponsorship. 

Reach an Engaged Audience 

The public media audience consists of some of the most sought-after consumers in America. They value education and lifelong learning and are more engaged, affluent, and culturally minded than the average viewer. This audience is interested in the world around them and wants to make a difference in their communities. 

Of PBS viewers: 

  • 75% are more likely to have a doctorate degree 

  • 52% are more likely to have an investment portfolio worth $250K+ 

  • 75%  are more likely to be a member of any group that tries to influence public policy 

From promoting literacy to supporting legacy programming, station sponsorship plays a significant role in the local community, making it a win-win for both sponsors and viewers.  

What Are the Benefits of Sponsoring Public TV? 

Public television stations offer a wide variety of educational and cultural programming that is beneficial to viewers of all ages. Many benefits extend to the sponsor as well. You can: 

Target by genre: Whether your target audience is interested in arts & culture, drama, history, or kids genres, you can reach them through legacy programs such as Austin City Limits, Rick Steves’ Europe, MASTERPIECE, Sesame Street, and more. 

Reach a national audience: Sponsoring public television provides sponsors with the ability to reach a national audience through PBS' satellite-delivered programming distributed by PBS affiliate stations nationwide.

Increase buy-in: Supporting programming that is relevant to the audience’s interests and needs increases your brand recognition and has a direct impact on your brand in the local market.

Elevate your brand: Sponsoring public television helps to elevate your brand by aligning it with a trusted and respected institution. 

Public TV Sponsorship Drives Positive Perceptions 

The Halo Effect comes from the positive association and shared values attributed to brands that support the public media outlet. Marketers can use this as an effective strategy to align their brand with causes that are important to their target demographics.  

According to one study, 63% of viewers believe that PBS sponsors only produce products and services that are high quality and trustworthy. The same study found that 76% of parents trust sponsors on PBS KIDS to provide quality products and services for their families over advertisers on other networks. 

Where Can You Watch PBS? 

PBS is everywhere. Viewers can watch PBS on their local stations, on satellite-delivered programming, and stream it online, with an extensive library of programming boasting more than 150 titles. PBS is available on the following platforms: iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Xbox. The wide reach of public television offers marketers multiple channels for brand recognition.  

Elevate Your Brand with a PBS Sponsorship 

Sponsoring legacy programming on PBS allows you to reach a highly engaged audience, target key demographics, and promote literacy and lifelong learning. Public television's reputation for quality programming will also rub off on your brand, helping you to increase brand awareness and engagement. If you are looking for a way to elevate your brand and build trust with consumers, sponsoring public TV will help you build a legacy worth remembering. 

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