Measuring Your Public Media Sponsorship Campaigns

Tracking your media campaign and strategically analyzing the results is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Not only will you better understand your return on investment, you’ll also understand which media platforms resonate best with your target audience and how to optimize for the future.

When done correctly, marketing campaign measurement provides insight into business outcomes and shows progress towards business goals. As a learning tool, insight-led, data-rich monitoring applied across all facets of an organization's marketing strategy can significantly contribute to wider success. 

Progress with Purpose 

To understand how much your target audience is engaging with your campaigns, you first must determine which metrics to track. The choice of metrics corresponds with the platforms used to distribute your message. 

Metrics come in many forms, and they are not all created equal. This prompts the questions, "What is truly important?" and "How do I decide what data to use to evaluate and improve my campaigns?" 

Effectively Measuring Public Media Sponsorship Campaigns 

Our latest eBook, Effectively Measuring Public Media Sponsorship Campaigns, is now available for download. Inside, we cover topics like campaign measurement, the various types of public media platforms for sponsorship and tying analytics back to your campaign strategy. 

Monitoring and evaluating paid media across channels can enable marketers to make insightful decisions and drive opportunities for results that truly align with your company's goals. 

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