Spoken Word Programming = Attentive Audiences

Spoken Word Programming = Attentive Audiences

Public radio listeners are a highly attentive audience. When it comes to spoken word programs, they are not only listening, but leaning in. More likely to seek additional information from a sponsor than commercial radio audiences, they are unlikely to change the station when a message comes on. 

Spoken word programs drive massive incremental reach and frequency amplification. This makes sponsorship more effective for marketing campaigns.  

Spoken Word Listeners Are Less Likely to Tune Out Messages 

Spoken word listeners tune in to their favorite radio programming for a reason. They want to be informed and entertained with words. Already highly engaged with news stories, commentaries, and other word-based programming, they don't stop listening during message breaks. In fact, they remain attentive and are more likely to take some type of action. This may be a request for more information about the sponsor, engagement through social media, or a visit to a website or brick and mortar location.  

72% of public radio listeners said they pay extremely or very close attention when listening to programming. 73% say they hold more positive opinions of businesses that support NPR and enjoy hearing their messages. 70% of listeners report that they prefer to do business with companies that sponsor programming on public radio stations, and 83% admit to taking action in response to something heard on NPR. 

By sponsoring spoken word programming, your brand is more likely to catch the attention of an interested group of listeners.   

Listeners are More Attentive, Passionate, and Upscale 

In terms of demographics, spoken word listeners are affluent and influential. The median income falls around $90,000 with 78% holding college degrees and 85% employed full time. NPR spoken word listeners are 104% more likely than commercial radio listeners to work in top management with 69% more likely to be a C-suite employee. They are 113% more likely to classify as self-employed professionals. 

The average NPR spoken word listener is passionate about cultural experiences and considers NPR a cultural entity. Listeners are 112% more likely to attend art galleries and shows. They are 87% more likely to enjoy museums, and 90% more likely to attend live theater, as per 2021 research.    

NPR listeners are involved in their communities through activism, education, and support of non-profit organizations. Members of the audience are 72% more likely to have volunteered for a charitable organization and 198% more likely to have served on a local organization's steering committee. They are also 193% more likely to have contacted a political representative about an issue at the local, state, or national organization.  

Most important, the NPR spoken word audience is more attentive to content than commercial radio listeners. Unlikely to change the channel when ads come on, they believe in giving their full attention to both programming and sponsored messages. 

Consider the Spoken Word 

Spoken word programming provides access to an influential, informed audience who is attentive and less likely to tune out ads. Thanks to the Halo Effect, sponsorship of public radio puts your brand in line with the reputation of the medium. 

These programs and more are available for sponsorship on local public radio. To learn more about how sponsorship of spoken word programming can enhance your marketing strategy, consult your media partner. 

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