5 Benefits of Public Media Sponsorship in an Election Cycle [Video]

5 Reasons to Sponsor Public Media Right Now

As we inch toward November 3 and political news and ads sweep the airwaves, advertisers and brands might be inclined to stay out of the fray. However, maintaining brand presence and staying top of mind during an election cycle is as important as ever. In our short video,  Market Enginuity CRO Harry Clark shares 5 BIG REASONS TO SPONSOR PUBLIC MEDIA as we lead up to Election 2020.


1. Safety

In the midst of the global pandemic, we’ve seen various tactics taken to influence voters, including negative campaigning from both parties. While NPR® and PBS® stations cover the news, public media does not accept political advertising. That means your sponsorship message will never surround negative campaign messages. In addition, public media offers diverse programming outside of election coverage, including beloved shows like Fresh Air, The Moth, This American Life, plus local reporting, podcasts that entertain and inspire, and TV shows like Nova from PBS.


Public media is a trusted, unbiased news provider. Influential NPR and PBS audiences are tuning in to these trusted sources for news and perspectives that will inform their vote. Our stations report facts — not hype — that consumers can trust, and extend that trusted Halo Effect to brands as sponsors.


The public media audience is educated, influential, affluent, cultural and community-minded. They are more engaged than ever with the current political landscape, wanting to stay informed on current events and the products and services available to them through the support of their favorite station. Brand stability and sustainability are dependent on how advertisers meet this moment and engage with consumers.


Public media stations run two to three minutes of sponsor messaging per hour compared to up to 20 minutes of advertising on commercial stations, meaning your message will be heard and remembered. In a time when consumers are being inundated with marketing messages from all angles (especially now with political ads) public media's lack of ad clutter helps your brand stand out.


Listeners view sponsors as champions supporting a community cause. Be the sponsor who helps to provide consumers with a trusted source for unbiased news when they need it the most.

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