Top 3 Resources for Public Media Advertising

Top 3 Resources for Public Media Advertising

How can public media sponsorships move the needle for your marketing efforts? Does leading with purpose drive ROI for your business? And is there a ‘right’ formula for sponsorship success? 

We rounded up our most downloaded eBooks to help you efficiently navigate the public media ecosystem, target your most meaningful audience, engage new customers, and maximize your investment.  

Public Media Marketing 101: Building Trust for Your Brand 

In an effort to sustain growth, marketers must constantly seek new channels to deliver their core messages to consumers. Successful brands connect with customers wherever they are, including on their preferred devices or media channels. One of the most influential mediums for engaging with your consumer base is public media.  

This eBook uncovers some of the key factors to consider when evaluating whether a public media sponsorship is right for your brand. <<<Read More>>> 

Building an ROI-focused Public Radio Campaign 

Marketers share a common goal: increasing the ROI of campaigns. Understanding whether your strategy is worth the spend is key to running a successful campaign that returns the most profit from your investment. One way to put your campaign on the right track is by choosing a highly profitable platform. Public media sponsorship is a cost-effective, high-return strategy that can ensure you reach your marketing goals.  

The role of marketing is to increase the likelihood that consumers will choose your brand by making it easy for them to remember you. For many marketers, radio is a vital component of their outreach strategy due to its mass reach across customer segments. But how do you calculate the right amount of activity needed to get the results you want? <<<Read More>>> 

Purpose-Driven Marketing with Public Media: Connect with Consumers through Shared Values  

Increasingly, consumers are making socially conscious buying decisions. They choose purpose-driven brands over conventional ones because they want their purchases and the companies they support to make a positive difference. As a growing number of companies deploy purpose-driven marketing initiatives, they also seek demonstration of campaign ROI. 

A recent study revealed that 78% of consumers are more likely to remember a company with a strong purpose. And 71% said they would purchase from a purpose-driven company over the alternative. 

With effective purpose-driven marketing, you’ll increase your customer base, boost customer loyalty and see better ROI. In this eBook, we explore what makes a marketing campaign purpose-driven and how using this strategy for your business will yield an increased ROI. <<<Read More>>> 

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Like you, we’re inherently curious and we never stop learning! You can uncover the latest public media marketing tips, best practices, and insights to apply to your business on our blog.  

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