Change Creates Opportunity for Marketers

Change Creates Opportunity for Marketers

Americans across the country celebrated the new year last week, happily bidding farewell to a tumultuous 2020 and looking ahead to what 2021 has to offer. Topping the list: promising vaccine news and the upcoming inauguration of America’s 46th President. But as the confetti settled and champagne bubbles dissipated, Americans started asking important questions, what do those things mean for me?

Public Radio Educates and Informs

In the search for answers, many people turn to public radio as their preferred source for news and information. The medium is unbiased, familiar and trusted – 9 in 10 public radio listeners agree, “I trust Public Radio.”

Listeners choose public radio because the top-quality programming and fact-driven reporting provide the important information and valued perspectives that inform their lives.

Listeners Tune in for Context

An analysis by the Radio Research Consortium (RRC) of 44 public radio markets during the last presidential election year revealed a significant increase in listenership compared to the year prior. Why? Listeners tuned in to learn more about the candidates, understand their platforms and policies, and hear from knowledgeable sources on both sides of the aisle. They listened to inform their vote.

In 2017, after the last presidential election, public radio gained new listeners who sought to understand the goals of the new presidential administration and congress. They listened to understand how the changes in Washington would affect their everyday lives.

Increased listenership during election


Sponsors Benefit from Consumer Curiosity

As more listeners tune in to public radio this year, more consumers will hear the sponsorship messages from businesses supporting their local station. Sponsors will benefit from this increased engagement with proven ROI: 66% of public radio listeners prefer to purchase products and services from public radio supporters, and 75% have taken some sort of action as a direct result of hearing sponsorship messages on public radio.

An increase in audience provides sponsors the opportunity to connect with more potential customers who will thank them for their support.

a Year of Change

2021 brings with it changes and opportunities that extend beyond the presidential inauguration on January 20. It will be a year of understanding vaccinations, watching the economy and following a new administration as it tackles the most pressing issues our country faces.

There is much to learn and understand, and more Americans will seek guidance from our most trusted news outlets – public radio stations. Smart marketers will leverage the surge in listening to connect with an engaged audience eager for information on products and services.

Source: Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2020

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