Audio Ads Defy Ad Fatigue and Increase Purchase Intent

We've all experienced ad fatigue when being repeatedly bombarded with the same TV commercial or digital video ad. At first, it grabs your attention, but after multiple views, you're just tuning it out completely.

However, research shows the opposite is true for audio ads. Unlike TV and online video ads, where frequent exposure leads to lower engagement, audio ads actually become more effective the more you hear them.

Two separate studies measured the impact of ad frequency on purchase intent across audio and connected TV (CTV). The results were stark: While purchase intent for CTV ads peaked at just one exposure and then declined by 16% with additional views, audio ads showed the reverse trend.

With audio, each additional ad drove purchase intent higher. Going from 6 audio ad exposures to 15 generated a remarkable 17% increase in purchase intent. Rather than wearing out their welcome, the more times someone heard an audio ad, the more likely they were to buy that product.

Audio-Incline CTV-Decline

The reason likely comes down to the non-intrusive, accompanying nature of audio ads compared to their visual counterparts. When you hear an audio ad, it flows alongside the music, podcast or other content you're listening to without interrupting your activity. Repetition builds familiarity rather than fatigue.


Visual ads, on the other hand, command your full attention each time, eventually becoming tedious and overstaying their welcome after the initial exposure.


For brands, the data sends a clear message: When it comes to audio ads, more is definitely more. Increased frequency drives higher brand recall, product consideration, and purchase intent in a way that defies traditional advertising norms.


So, embrace the powers of repetition and audio's ambient nature. The more you get your brand's message into consumers' ears, the more they'll listen.

Rather than wearing out their welcome, the more times someone heard an audio ad, the more likely they were to buy that product.

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Sources: Audacy and Spark Foundry 2022 Audio Amplification Study; Magna Media Trials / Nexxen, It’s All In The Delivery 2023 Study; Purchase intent increases and decreases express the change in percentage of respondents saying they were likely to purchase.

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