Gain Trust by Partnering with Credible News Sources

Trust and goodwill are two important attributes of a long-lasting relationship with customers. When companies have a sterling reputation among their consumer base, they're more likely to receive repeat business from loyal brand advocates. In addition, they're also more likely to acquire a steady stream of new customers. 

One highly effective way to enhance credibility is public radio sponsorship. Sponsorship partners brands with credible local news sources, connecting them with a dedicated listenership and increasing their perceived credibility. 

Engage with a Captive Audience 

Public radio listeners tend to engage more with programs than commercial radio audiences. One study found that 72% of public radio listeners pay extremely or very close attention to programming — and 73% say they hold more positive opinions of businesses that support NPR. 

Since public radio's audience is more attentive to programming, listeners hear and pay attention to sponsorship messages. Short, direct messaging that resonates with listeners give businesses additional exposure, connecting them as part of a community. Sponsorship messages are more likely to stand out in a less saturated medium (and less likely to "leave a bad taste" compared with a series of ads on commercial formats). 

Public radio's format involves hosts or station talent voicing sponsor messaging organically within the context of their program. Sponsor messages are seen as unintrusive and position companies as community stewards as listeners note their support and recognize them as businesses who care about the local region. 

Sponsor Responsibly with Public Radio 

Many consumers respond negatively to native content when it's not presented transparently. For instance, one study found that two-thirds of consumers have felt deceived upon discovering that a brand sponsored a video or article. In addition, 54% of readers say they don't trust sponsored content. 

However, investing in public radio sponsorship avoids the many trust issues surrounding native content. Since public radio messages are factual and not overtly salesy, discerning listeners recognize that companies aren't trying to push an agenda. Instead, audiences perceive them as champions of long-standing principles of journalism, including freedom from bias and the accurate, comprehensive reporting of facts. 

There is a significant difference between "native advertising" and public radio sponsorship messaging. Some audiences perceive native advertising as brands promoting their agenda and values (sometimes in an underhanded manner). However, public radio sponsorship is generally regarded as a positive contribution toward objective journalism, and listeners react favorably to sponsors. 

Tap into Public Radio's Credibility 

Public radio is one of the most trusted forms of media. It is a credible information source, and its sponsors receive elevated credibility by associating with the station. Companies that invest in public radio are often beneficiaries of the Halo Effect (a consumer's positive unconscious bias towards a brand due to its alignment with the station). 

Along with earning an enhanced reputation based on goodwill, public radio sponsors benefit from motivated listeners who take action. One survey found that after hearing or seeing a message on a public media platform, 82% of listeners were more likely to take action. Moreover, since public radio is not beholden to commercial ownership, it is much less likely to promote ideological bias one way or the other. Public radio listeners maintain the freedom to form their own opinions based on objective, in-depth journalism — and by extension, appreciate the business organizations that make that journalism possible through sponsorships and other contributions. 

Consider Utilizing Public Radio to Further Customer Trust 

Public radio sponsorship may offer several key benefits for your company. By investing in public radio, you may find that: 

-You reach a more engaged, attentive audience 
-Your brand benefits from the public radio Halo Effect 
-Positions companies as "champions" of unbiased news  

Public radio sponsorships can contribute to deeper relationships with current and prospective customers. On a bigger scale, they can also aid in bringing awareness to a dedicated audience. Work with a trusted public radio partner to add public media sponsorship to your media mix today. 

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