Get Better Brand Recall with Public Media

Get Better Brand Recall with Public Media

Public radio’s focused messaging is far more efficient than traditional media, with the added benefit of leaving a lasting impression. Accessing an exclusive audience and reaching them with effective sponsorship messages is key to generating better brand recall.  



Rather than relying on overly promotional messages to get a quick reaction, public radio seeks to inform the listener. Sponsorship guidelines call for clear, to-the-point messaging that takes a direct approach. When listeners receive smart, compelling communication that is not cluttered, they are more likely to pay attention and take note of the message. However, when listeners are bombarded with too many ads, they are more likely to tune them out.

Public radio audiences are increasingly diverse with a sizable following, including influential community leaders and key decision-makers. Listeners are more likely to work in top management or own their own businesses. As a demographic, they generally respond more favorably to fewer messages and high-quality content. 

Concise well-crafted messages give maximum information with no hype. For that reason, fewer messages are needed to foster brand recall. An already engaged audience is receptive to content without the need for repetition.  


NPR alone reaches 32.7 million weekly on-air listeners and 19.5 million weekly website visitors. Loyal listeners report that four out of five hours that they spend with radio each day are tuned to NPR news.

According to Edison Research conducted in collaboration with NPR on radio listening and marketing trends, 67% of NPR listeners report focusing attention on sponsor messaging while engaging with the platform. And 50% gathered more information about a product or brand as a result of hearing a public radio sponsor message.

Public radio is driven by a commitment to the listener experience and journalistic ethics. Audiences are more likely to place trust in the content, and because public radio is user-supported, they’re invested in its success. Loyal followers consider public radio an important part of their lives, and they tend to hold a more positive opinion of companies that support it. They also prefer to do business with supporting organizations when given the option. 

Quality messages take precedence over quantity

Public radio focuses on producing consistent, high-quality programming. When listeners are offered more premium content with fewer breaks for sponsorship messages, they are more likely to cue into what they are hearing as relevant to their listening experience.

Sponsorship messages appeal to an audience that is cultured, influential, engaged and conscientious. Informed, focused messaging makes for a better listening experience resulting in higher brand recall. Brands who sponsor public radio see an average 23% lift in brand awareness among NPR listeners.  


Public radio listeners seek accurate, diverse content that appeals to their sensitivities and provides up-to-date information. Short message blocks – voiced by station talent that the audience recognizes and appreciates – combined with fewer message breaks mean that when listeners hear a sponsorship message, it’s more likely to command their undivided attention.    

Public radio offers intelligent, to-the-point messaging that is capable of holding the attention of highly engaged audiences. Your public media partner can help you target the right audience to drive better brand recall.

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