Public Radio Listeners: the Original Influencers


When it comes to marketing your brand, finding the right audience is key. But landing an audience of trusted trendsetters is gold. Successful brands thrive when they align with those who will champion their mission. But, you want those individuals that others trust to further your cause. So, how do you find them?

It isn’t impossible if you know where to look. Finding an audience of influencers is the holy grail of the marketer’s pursuit. The largest audience in the world won’t necessarily bring you a return on investment. It’s imperative that you find an audience of ambassadors—with a powerful network.

Thought leaders Are Looking for the Next Big Thing

Do you have it? That product or service that many may need but not everyone knows exists? The public media audience is full of thought leaders and action-takers. The perfect combination to help you spread your brand message and truly increase revenue.

We're talking about the kind of audience who is always in the know, with their finger on the pulse of the latest trends and innovations. They trust public radio for thought-provoking and informative programming that keeps them up-to-date, and you'll be right there with them, aligning your brand with the content they trust.

Here's what makes NPR listeners stand out:

  • They are 259% more likely to be influential

  • They are 141% more likely to work in arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media

  • They are 43% more likely to work for the federal government

An audience of individuals that tune in to the latest in innovation, happenings and government is the right audience to cater to your brand mission. They are true influencers.

Public Media Sponsorship Delivers

Public media sponsorship is the best-kept secret in the business. Most marketers don’t realize the potential for both now and for generations to come. Families who support and follow public media do so wholeheartedly. They believe in giving back to their community and respect sponsors who do the same. Moreover, so do their children. Thus, you will have tapped into the next generation early on.

Ultimately, with public media sponsorship, you'll be aligning your brand with trusted and respected voices and reaching an engaged and influential audience.

Are you ready to launch your next marketing strategy? At Market Enginuity, we connect brands with an audience of thought leaders who are influential in their communities. Leave your contact info below to claim your spot and have your message heard by leaders and trendsetters alike.

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