Why Advertising in a Premium Environment is Worth the Cost

Why Advertising in a Premium Environment is Worth the Cost

Different marketing media bring different results with reach, engagement, and conversion rates. Some platforms cost less, but only deliver meager results. Premium platforms cost more and deliver significantly better results. 

Marketers grapple with whether the benefits of investing in premium platforms are worth the cost, which largely depends on their circumstances and goals. This post will discuss several critical reasons why investing in premium platforms yields better customer connections. 

Premium Platforms Bring Better Results 

Premium platforms often come with higher costs. However, the return on investment that companies receive with reach and customer engagement far outweigh the cost. 

As an example, think about the difference between placing an ad in a local newspaper compared to publishing a TV commercial during primetime hours. It's true that the newspaper ad will likely cost less than the TV commercial; however, the TV commercial will reach many more consumers than the newspaper ad. 

Premium platforms tend to yield higher engagement by reaching an invested audience. Public radio is a prime example since its listenership is very dedicated and attentive to the spoken word format of its programming. Public radio supporters tend to be more engaged with programs and stations than commercial radio counterparts. Public radio sponsorship messaging is delivered in an uncluttered environment as public radio stations air less than five minutes of sponsor messages per hour on average, compared with up to eighteen minutes of advertising per hour on commercial radio stations. Listeners can better retain information because they are not delivered during lengthy commercial breaks that are often tuned out. 

One study found that 82% of listeners are likely to take action after hearing or seeing a message on a public media platform, and 70% of listeners say that they prefer to do business with companies that sponsor their favorite programs on public radio. Such statistics indicate that investing in a premium platform (like public radio) can deliver valuable results for sponsors. 

Marketing is a Crucial Investment 

When deciding on a marketing strategy, it's important to note that media marketing (no matter the platform) is an investment of time and resources. Lower-cost marketing options may be appealing but less likely to translate into results. Businesses that invest in high-quality marketing enjoy a "snowball effect" — their marketing efforts pick up momentum as they build on one another. 

While no two companies are exactly alike and most have different marketing goals, all business owners should consider how their marketing efforts contribute to sustainable growth. They should also consider whether an investment in premium platforms could be the step they need to build and sustain momentum for the future. 

Premium Platforms Connect to Key Audiences 

Audience reach is essential, but engagement is the second half of effective marketing's "one-two punch." Premium platforms help companies to connect with their key audiences in a highly intentional, targeted way. 

Public media’s audience is vast and diverse, including business professionals, creative artists, educators, and environmental advocates. The common thread is a love of lifelong learning, which makes them interested and engaged consumers. Businesses that understand which platforms attract their target audience can leverage those insights to deliver messaging in an environment where listeners are engaged, attentive, and primed to act. 

Partner with Premium Platforms for Better Results 

While low-cost alternatives may be attractive for business owners concerned about budget and resources, investing in premium platforms can become a significant factor in sustainable business growth. Premium platforms can: 

• Help you to reach consumers when they're most attentive and receptive to your messaging 

  • • Contribute to marketing momentum 

  • • Convince listeners / viewers to take desired actions 

Many marketers have experienced success and achieved goals by investing in premium marketing platforms. If premium platforms find a place in your marketing mix — perhaps with some assistance from a reputable, experienced media partner — you'll likely find that the results gained are well worth any costs you pay. 

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