Leveraging the Public Media Audience to Drive Health Insurance Enrollment

Leveraging the Public Media Audience to Drive Health Insurance Enrollment

Individual health is a personal topic and so is health insurance. Because every consumer's healthcare needs are different and constantly changing, marketing health insurance can be challenging. Health insurance brands must overcome a unique set of obstacles in order to build trust. 

Public media sponsorship is an excellent tool for creating trust in order to drive health insurance enrollment.  

The Public Media Audience Is Highly Engaged  

In a crowded market, getting recognized as a brand takes hard work and a lot of patience. Targeting the right audience involves doing the research to learn where consumers go for information and how they prefer to receive it. When you turn to public media to market your health insurance company, you are treated to an audience who is listening and wants to know more about what you have to offer.  

The public media audience is attentive, educated, affluent, and influential. Interested in hearing about the businesses that support their favorite programming, they also prefer to spend their money with them over other brands. 82% of listeners say they are likely to take action in response to something heard on NPR (Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2021).  

For health insurance, that may be going to a website to find out more information, requesting a quote, or even starting the enrollment process.     

Informative Messages in a Clutter-free Environment Increase Brand Awareness 

When it comes to marketing health insurance, it is important to remember that the audience has a lot of choices to meet their specific needs. Increasing brand awareness requires on-point messaging that gives the public information they can use in wording that they can understand.  

Public media sponsorship guidelines state that messaging must respect and preserve the noncommercial nature of public radio and should be presented in a manner that maintains the uncluttered experience the audience expects. This ensures that the flow of programming is not unduly disrupted. 

Public media sponsorship under these conditions increases the awareness of health insurance brands because the audience's attention is not broken by loud demands. An engaged audience is more likely to hear the message and act on it.     

The Halo Effect Transfers Trust to Your Brand 

Health insurance marketing ideas must focus on identifying channels that are most effective at building trust. This is the best way to deliver ROI. 

One of those channels comes from borrowed influence. Known as the Halo Effect in public media, it strengthens a brand's influence by association. When listeners hear that a health insurance company is sponsoring programming on public radio, they are more likely to consider the brand as one they can trust. The brand is aligned with causes that resonate with them, and brand loyalty increases.     

Thanks to the Halo Effect, brands that sponsor NPR programming are held in a favorable category. Anchoring your health insurance brand to the reputation of public media gives access to an attentive and responsive audience.  

Target the Public Media Audience to Increase Health Insurance Enrollment 

Public media reaches listeners across all platforms whenever and however they prefer. When public media listeners make up a target audience, the brand can expect an engaged and educated group of consumers in possession of discretionary income and considerable influence. 

For health insurance brands, that translates to interested parties who want to make a difference in the world seeking to make informed decisions. Public media sponsorship helps to brand your health insurance company as one that cares about the same things they care about and can be trusted. 

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