Perception vs. Reality: Public Radio Listeners Value Education Over Politics

Perception vs. Reality: Public Radio Listeners Value Education Over Politics

Public radio has always championed education, and NPR is defined by a mission to create a more informed public. Whether the topics are travel, education, public health, politics, or family, the common thread is the world around us, what impacts us globally, nationally, and locally, and what connects us as humans. Let's look a little deeper into what public radio listeners truly value and how you can reach them with the right message. 

Public Radio Listeners Represent All Political Affiliations 

Public radio listeners value education above politics. NPR Audience Insights 2021 revealed that they are three times more likely to have a graduate degree than the average American. Seventy percent have a minimum of a bachelor's degree, compared to 32% of the general U.S. population. NPR listeners are also between 249% and 343% more likely to have achieved doctorate degrees than the rest of the U.S. population.  

Of NPR listeners, 17% self-identify as very or somewhat conservative, 25% identify as center, 56% identify as liberal or somewhat liberal, and 2% did not identify with any political preference. However, across all party affiliations NPR listeners exceed the national benchmark for civic duty, as 75% of respondents voted in federal, state, or local elections.  

Public Radio Listeners Are Intellectually Curious 

Since public radio audiences value education, the bar for engaging, fact-based content is high. NPR programming focuses on uncovering backstories, exploring the major drivers, and debunking hot-button, polarizing rhetoric so that the public can form their own opinions. Public media exemplifies the tenets of ethical journalism, namely, to seek truth and report it. They are committed to upholding an open and civil exchange of views 

By making engaging, educational content available to everyone, sponsors have the unique ability to reach a diverse audience. Sponsorship messages stand out because the audience is listening intently to learn. 

Public Radio Listeners Are Us 

Public radio audiences represent a cross-section of America. Sponsors support educational programming that reaches a diverse audience and represents a wide range of opinions. Send the right message to an educated and engaged audience with a respected and experienced public media partner.

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