Trust By Association: Why Public Media Members Will Love Your Brand

Trust By Association: Why Public Media Members Will Love Your Brand

 Audiences everywhere have been burned by "fake news" that seems to be in never-ending supply on television and social media. According to a recent Gallup poll, a staggering 33% of Americans don't trust mass media at all. 

Public media seeks to inform audiences with unbiased reporting on current events, even in times of uncertainty. Seventy-three percent of PBS's audience said that they trust this network over other popular outlets like Fox News and NBC. But why do audiences trust public media and its sponsors so much? Let’s explore.  

Consumers Trust Public Media 

Eighty-nine percent of listeners agree that NPR provides them with information that other media outlets do not provide (NPR Impact Study, July 2019). By aligning your brand with trustworthy, unbiased news sources, you can earn the trust of an inherently loyal audience. In fact, 66% of listeners prefer to purchase products and services from public radio supporters (Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2020). 

Public Media Sponsorship Creates a Halo Effect 

By sponsoring a public media outlet, your business will likely reap the benefits of the halo effect. Customers form a positive association with your brand, making them more likely to trust your products and services - even if they've never used them before. 

Brand trust through public media sponsorship is a great way to build a positive reputation for your company. As many as 57 million people watch or read NPR content each week. By aligning yourself with public media, many of those loyal listeners will likely become fans of your product as a result. 

Many companies create a horn effect, essentially the opposite of the halo effect. This results from promoting false news or partnering with other brands known for unsavory business practices. That's why it's important to align your business with trustworthy public media outlets. 

Audiences Appreciate Sponsors 

Audiences across all media outlets are increasingly dedicated to supporting brands and organizations that share their values. Customers are over four times more likely to trust a company that has a strong purpose 

Seventy-five percent of NPR listeners have a highly positive opinion of brands that support public media. A public media sponsorship creates a sense of camaraderie and trust, even with new customers. 

Public Media Sponsors are Perceived as Fellow Supporters 

The public media audience is comprised of intelligent and affluent people looking to support local communities, and sponsoring public media differentiates your brand in a big way. Your company is seen as having a sense of purpose. 

More and more businesses are realizing that they can make a positive impact while generating ROI. A public media sponsorship creates brand lift while showcasing the core values of your brand.  

Seventy-one percent of listeners have a more positive opinion of a company when they find out it supports public radio (Kantar, NPR State of Sponsorship Survey, April 2020)Ultimately, public media sponsorships will boost your company's brand awareness and keep it relevant for many years to come. 

Public Media Sponsorships for Your Brand 

With so much misinformation in media, consumers want to support trustworthy outlets that share their values. Audiences put their trust in public media sponsors because these brands have won their respect and established a sense of community. Public media audiences see your brand as someone just like them, investing in and supporting an important mission. Consider working with a public media partner to elevate your brand trust and reach an influential audience. 

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