Why Public Media Advertising Works for Small Businesses

Why Public Media Advertising Works for Small Businesses

Small businesses must make the most of every marketing dollar or risk not reaching business objectives.  

For B2B and B2C, public radio is an affordable outlet for small businesses and offers branding and direct response opportunities. It's not just about building your brand. You are reaching consumers!    

Here's why public media sponsorship for small businesses is the competitive advantage you need.  

Conscientious Consumers 

Public radio delivers discerning consumers to retail, services, and restaurants – conscientious consumers who shop their values. 71% said they would purchase from a purpose‑driven company over the alternative. 

Education, social justice, the arts, the environment, health and wellness: public radio listeners are more loyal to their favorite brands for sharing their values and leading with purpose. By sponsoring nonprofit public radio, you also enjoy the halo effect of trust and reliability. 

Public media advertising works for small businesses because conscientious consumers are strong supporters of public radio sponsors. The NPR Impact Study (2019) showed 97% of consumers took commercial action taken as a result of hearing or reading NPR content. It gets even more interesting:  

  • 80% visited a particular website 
  • 64% gathered more information about a company or product 
  • 43% attended a performance, event or exhibit 
  • 37% recommended a product or service to others 
  • 34% purchased a product or a service 
  • 25% visited a particular destination 
  • 20% shopped at a particular store or location 

Local Shopping Support 

Local shopping support has increased substantially since the pandemic when consumers came together to support local businesses during uncertain times. Additional studies show that independent companies provide substantial economic benefits to their communities. 

For instance, Civic Economics' Home Sweet Home Study found that homeowners would spend comparable amounts with a small independent as a big chain. The difference, however, was that 37% of that spending remained in the community, and the local economic advantage was nearly double. As much as $1.3 billion in economic activity can benefit the community if just 10% of business is directed to local, small businesses.  

Civic Economics' study emphasizes the importance of buying local and how much money stays in the community, which mirrors community-supported radio. When you partner with public media, you not only earn the same local respect from listeners but contribute to the value of your community—and your own bottom line.  

Business Leaders Are Listeners Too 

NPR's audience consists of listeners in leadership positions with decision-making capabilities and influential opinions.  

Whether company owners or influential leaders, NPR listeners are more than twice as likely as the average U.S. adult to work in top management.  

Supports Businesses of All Sizes  

Public radio can support businesses of all sizes because the lack of clutter makes it easier for sponsorship campaigns to be heard and remembered, regardless of the marketing budget.  

The Market Enginuity Community Accounts Sponsorship Team has tailored marketing opportunities for local businesses, nonprofits and event organizers that serve the community in unique ways but don’t have the budgets of large corporate sponsors. Their simple, effective broadcast and campaigns provide maximum results for minimum investments, giving local businesses a leg up in the competitive world of marketing and advertising. 

How Small Businesses Can Achieve the Best Results 

There are a lot of benefits to public media sponsorship, especially when you're trying to reach and resonate with your local audience. Public radio listeners are much more purpose-driven and educated, making them the perfect consumers for your brand to create relationships that influence a wider variety of purchasing decisions. The lack of clutter in the public media broadcast environment means that sponsors’ messages are heard and retained, regardless of how big their marketing budget may be. For small businesses, an investment in public radio is good business.  

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